English – only triumpht

In this essay writer firstly told about the condition of English language in US. And then he starts from to say about why it’s happening. He talked about treats to English. Here he talked about how peoples are treated for their language. He also talked about past immigrants who were English speakers and present non English speakers.

Then he talked about losing practices of using mother tongue. Here he talked about how kid and teens are losing practices of using mother tongue. He gives us some data to prove his points.

Then he talked about bilingual education. Here he wants to say that bilingual students are smarter than other kids. They perform better in their education. It’s not only do good in education it also gives them more confidence.

In all his topic one topic was bilingual education. Here he talked about benefits of bilingual education and debate about it.

But most I concern about it losing their mother tongue. Because if they forgot their language, they are forgetting their half root. Language is what that gives you identity about your nationality. But now a days is it’s getting a trend that only speaking in English gives you good personality. But people are forgetting that this is also a part of bilingual education which is starting from home.

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