My Opinion on the sound clip

In this sound clip, two persons are talking. One is male and another one is female. They are talking about their experience with language. They are talking about how they learn English? How much they are fluent in English? How they feel when they talk to their own language Spanish and foreign language English.

But the main topic of this voice clip was, is personality changes when language is changing??

Here they are giving their own experiences to support their own logic.

As example here the girl is giving her relationship experience to prove her logic and boy is saying he is more gay in English.

If you ask me about that, what is my opinion? I done a say my opinion is mixed because in which language you are fluent you can express your feeling more quickly and clearly. Which gives you more confident. On the other hand, language is something we use to communicate and personality is human natural behavior. Communication can’t change human behavior. Fluency in any new language gives us confident to learn more new things.

For personality communication is necessary but more necessary is good behavior, politeness, and out knowledge. This will make a mane more perfect.

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