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I saw the video named 3 ways to speak English  by Jamila Lyiscott. When I first watch that video I can’t understand what she is saying because of her speaking style. And she was too loud. Than I turn off the sound try to read the subtitle.

the problem she is pointing out its very common in the USA. specially in New York. Because most of the people are immigrant over here. half of them doesn’t know any English before they came to the USA. those who know English, they are also different language different languages. The reason behind it, their culture and habit. Because of his or Her comfort zone he or she is use to talk to their native language with their family and friends from same community.

She is specifically talking about black community. but the thing is it is not only the black community its also happening with other small communities.


Writing literacy narrative wasn’t easy at all. When professor give me the structure to write this essay; my main focus was what should I write? How I can develop my story line. When I first saw that topic, I thought that it gone be easy.  But writing 900 words was tough.

What was in mind that I am gone a write about it in my paper was fixed but when I started writing I faced a problem; and that was writing an into for essay. I know I have issues with that. When I was doing my Engl 95 I realize that I have problems. That time my problem was my intro and my conclusion never matched. But this time my problem was How to relate my intro to my detail. First time I didn’t realize that but when I start my final draft, I saw that some thing is missing. I talked to my professor about it and she helped me. But the thing it, I know my problem but I am gone a fix it. I took long time to fix it. I added some lines in my intro and conclusion.  I changed I whole paragraph. When I got my final result.

Journal 3

When I read the article called “Why Do You Think You’re Right About Language? You’re Not” I found this article very interesting. Because the concept of this article is very driftnet, unique and up to date. I never read this kind of article before. Another thing I noticed that words are easy to understand.

In this article the main topic is why we are differentiate our writing language when we are using same language. We also see that writer is also talking about how we try to find correct language from different source.

This article is hardly criticize the language policy. When we read the first paragraph we see that writer is doing mockery of language policy through this lines “Perhaps you asserted the correct way to pronounce doge, never mind that the meme only went viral in 2013” through this lines writer wants to say that no one is perfect. If anyone try to be perfect they can’t because of others point of view.

In whole essay she discourse about “micro language”. Micro language is something that talks about one single language which we can say it in different way. Behind of this concept her intention was to say that, do not judge people buy their writing style. Because both may be right.

Every community have their own style to say something. It’s there nature. For an example, if take British English and American English. Language is like culture: it may be wrong to others but right to their own. Some time it can be different in same community. As an example, take Amy Tan’s “Mother tongue”. She and her mother belongs from same community but style of expressing language is different.

Writer is criticizing the process of finding correct or official English. She is saying “So what does this common English look like, and where can we find it? There’s a tendency, especially in cultures with an extensive written tradition, to say that the official version of English, say, is found in a book somewhere, perhaps the Oxford English Dictionary or various authoritative grammar texts. But a few moments of thought reveals that this cannot possibly be the case. If you’re a second-language learner of English who only learns from books—and doesn’t talk to any real speakers—you won’t sound nearly as natural as your more sociable fellow learner”.    At the and she also says that language cant judge anyone merit.

Connection between Academia, Love me back and Arguments based on Emotion

In “Academia, Love me back” article by “Tiffany Martinez” she is talking about her personal experience in her academic life. She is saying how she has been treated in her school because she is Spanish. People judge her intelligence because of her race. She is also saying its positive side and negative side too. Through this article, she is also saying how this kind of discrimination put impact her feelings.

If we see first paragraph, we can get clear idea about Tiffany’s present position and how much successful she is. But when the story starts to develop, we see the story behind the success of her life.

This story is about stereotyping and the result of stereotyping. Result can be both, positive and negative. Some people who take as a positive way, they work hard like Tiffany. But whose people who take emotionally or negatively, they take this things in different way. Those who are emotional, they got frustrated. It disturbed their mental life. And those who take it negatively, they also think like stereotype to other community. The end result comes racism, war etc.

The purpose of this writing is aware or acknowledge people about this kind of problems; because, nowadays, this are common not only in academic place but also in working place too.

In “Arguments based on emotion” we also see one kind of judgment or stereotyping. Though it wasn’t clear like “Academia, love me back”. This text is showing us result of a new side of stereotyping. In this text can see how politicians are taking advantage of stereotyping. How they are playing with peoples emotion for their own profit. We can get clear idea about it when we saw this lines from text; “Emotional appeals (appeals to pathos) are powerful tools for influencing what people think and believe. We all make decisions—even including the most important ones—based on our feelings.” (para 1, page 1). “Yet as analysts pointed out, the president’s speech was also measured. As President George W. Bush had done before him, Obama was careful to say that the United States is not and never has been at war with Islam—but with terrorism. Rather, he simply announced that “a small team of Americans . . . killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.” Rather than celebrating or gloating, the president spoke with calm control about American values” (page 4, para 4).

Amy tan’s Mother tongue

In Amy Tan’s essay she talked about her mother. She talked about how her mother faced problem in speaking, how it sounds and how people reacts on it.

This thing happened because of few reasons. But most importantly it happens because of pronunciation problem and accent problem. But with this problems I want to add racism problem.

We saw things in Amy’s story. First we saw this , when Amy and her mom went to buy a furniture. She was saying “Not waste money that” (page 1, para 4) and her husband didn’t realize her mistake. It happened with her because of what she was saying her husband got use to with that. Here we can see that, when you are talking to a people in same community they can hardly understand there accent problem. We saw this thing when Amy is saying,  “During this conversation, my mother was talking about a political gangster in Shanghai who had the same last name as her family’s, Du, and how the gangster in his early years wanted to be adopted by her family, which was rich by comparison…… Some say they understand none of it, as if she were speaking pure Chinese.” (page 1,para 5&6).  we bengali speaking persons have this kind of problem.We Bengali people have some accent which is hard to understand. We Bengali people when we say “small” we pronounce it like “esmall” we have other pronunciation problem like one I used in the up “Often” and “Offen”

With those issues, I want to add racism issue. Because, when we see Amy Tan’s story, we saw that the background of the story is California. But if we talk about New York almost 80% work we can do with broken English and we can see that in our day to day life. But we faced more is racism problem. Her White people judge us by our language, by our religion. Ever where we are facing this problems. If we go to job sector, broken English is ok. But, if you are Muslim than its problem. Me and my parents still communicate in broken English but when we go for job our religion matters. So for me in US race and religion matters more than language.


Cover letter

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5 quotations

For my essay3 I am mainly focusing on both things, positive side of English as an official language and positive side of bilingual education. For that I gone a chose supporting data from every articles. I am gone try to put some data  from the videos too. But for now I only chose these quotations

  • “if one defines fluency as the ability to speak, understand, read. And write well no second-generation group was fluent in its mother tongue by age 17”.
  • In an attempt to shed light on this relationship, psychologists Kenji Hakuta and Rafael Diaz examined Puerto Rican students in New Haven, Connecticut. They discovered that bilingualism at an early age influenced subsequent cognitive development.
  • These huge misconceptions are at the root of U.S. English’s arguments dismissing bilingual education, literacy learning, and immigrant involvement for a mythologized monolingual United States, which are bad ideas for all writers in a democratic society.
  • The truth is that immigrants to the United States learn English faster today than at any point in history. Historically, immigrants to the U.S. transitioned from home languages to English within three generations. Today, this time-frame has been compressed for some immigrant groups to a single generation.

English – only triumpht

In this essay writer firstly told about the condition of English language in US. And then he starts from to say about why it’s happening. He talked about treats to English. Here he talked about how peoples are treated for their language. He also talked about past immigrants who were English speakers and present non English speakers.

Then he talked about losing practices of using mother tongue. Here he talked about how kid and teens are losing practices of using mother tongue. He gives us some data to prove his points.

Then he talked about bilingual education. Here he wants to say that bilingual students are smarter than other kids. They perform better in their education. It’s not only do good in education it also gives them more confidence.

In all his topic one topic was bilingual education. Here he talked about benefits of bilingual education and debate about it.

But most I concern about it losing their mother tongue. Because if they forgot their language, they are forgetting their half root. Language is what that gives you identity about your nationality. But now a days is it’s getting a trend that only speaking in English gives you good personality. But people are forgetting that this is also a part of bilingual education which is starting from home.

Interest get by James Baldwin

I read the essay by Baldwin. It’s a very interesting essay. In his whole essay, all the example was logical. He used simple words but they were very effective. In his whole essay he harshly criticize about white language policy.

But In whole essay I liked the second paragraph. Which is,

People evolve a language in order to describe and thus control their circumstances or in order not to be submerged by a reality that they cannot articulate…….. They each have very different realities to articulate or control.”

In this paragraph he want to say about same language has different style.

This style may different because of speaking style (accent). Or because of choosing their word. But in this paragraph he lighten up on articulate.

Paragraph of is this essay take my interest because, in my native language I saw the same thing every language have grammatical rule, correct pronunciation, But all people can’t say it same way. In my country, in rural area their pronunciation is different and they have different accent too. We who are educated, live in Cities we think that they are wrong. Yes they might wrong but they still speak in Bengali.

My Opinion on the sound clip

In this sound clip, two persons are talking. One is male and another one is female. They are talking about their experience with language. They are talking about how they learn English? How much they are fluent in English? How they feel when they talk to their own language Spanish and foreign language English.

But the main topic of this voice clip was, is personality changes when language is changing??

Here they are giving their own experiences to support their own logic.

As example here the girl is giving her relationship experience to prove her logic and boy is saying he is more gay in English.

If you ask me about that, what is my opinion? I done a say my opinion is mixed because in which language you are fluent you can express your feeling more quickly and clearly. Which gives you more confident. On the other hand, language is something we use to communicate and personality is human natural behavior. Communication can’t change human behavior. Fluency in any new language gives us confident to learn more new things.

For personality communication is necessary but more necessary is good behavior, politeness, and out knowledge. This will make a mane more perfect.